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MiniBeast™ Auto

The world's smallest Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machine with all the Features of the MiniBeast™️.

  • Compact size and weight - ideal for site work.
  • Internal coolant reservoir - ensuring maximum cutter life.
  • Self correcting slide rails - for maintenance free operation.
  • Light-weight - only 13kg.
  • Easier operation – lets the machine control the task.
  • Increased productivity – one operator can control several machines at one time.
  • Improved tool life – let the machine do the cutting. More holes per tool with better hole results.
  • Protects against misuse of machine and wearing parts – no manual overloading of the motor.
  • Longer overall life of the machine.

The MiniBeast™ Auto is ideal for high production environments, cutting more holes in less time. Easy, maintenance-free operation means this can control the task for greater productivity.


Spindle 19 mm
Weight 13kg
Cutter Capacity 35 mm Ø x 2" depth of cut
Twist Drill Capacity 12 mm Ø with optional twist drills
Countersink Capacity 30 mm
Motor 1010 W
Height Min/Max 307 / 377
Length 285 mm
Width 221 mm
RPM 1 Fixed Speed (no load 520 RPM, loaded 350 RPM)
Magnetic Base Dimensions 160 mm x 80 mm
Magnet Deadlift (on 25mm plate) 980 kg on 1" Plate (9600 N)
Noise / Vibration Level < 90dB / < 2.5 m/s2
Voltage/Part No 110v PartNo Drill 19041/A - 240v PartNo Drill 19042/A
Shipping Weight 19.10 kg
Shipping Dimensions 360 x 350 x 260 mm

Accessories perfect for the MiniBeast™ Auto

Turbo™ Twist Drills

An ideal solution to drill holes with a magnetic drilling machine, without the need of a chuck.

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Pilot Pins

JEI’s range of pilot pins are fully CNC ground to ensure correct fitting to the cutter, and maximum deferral of breakage.

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Turbo™️ Countersinks

Designed to produce a chamfer on pre-drilled holes.

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