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Cutter Adaptors

A versatile solution for using cutters in magnetic drilling machines

Specifically designed to enable the use of any annular broaching cutter in all makes and models of magnetic drilling machines.

JEI's cutter adaptors are a cost effective solution, enabling the use of all types of annular broaching cutters in all makes and models of magdrills.

Fein Cutter Adaptor


  • Converts standard (19mm shank) broaching cutters for use in a Fein quick in machine arbor.

Nitto Cutter Adaptor


  • Converts standard (19mm shank) broaching cutters for use in a Nitto magnetic drilling machine. Note - not required for JEI Turbo™ Tough TCT cutters as these are fitted with a "universal" shank fitting.
  • Use with Pilot Pin = Dia Ø 7.98 mm. If required for use with HSS cutters please contact the JEI office for technical support.

32mm Cutter Adaptor


  • Maximum recommended cutter diameter = 100 mm
  • Extension length = 25 mm
  • Place the larger 32mm cutter shank into the adaptor, then attach to a standard 19mm (3/4") shank machine cutter arbor, to increase the versatility of both the cutter and the machine.
  • Provides the added benefit of the ability to use the larger diameter (1-1/4") shank cutters with an arbor extension, to increase the overall cutting reach.

19mm Cutter Adaptor


  • Reduction ring, to convert 1-1/4" drive cutter arbor to accept 19mm shank cutters.

1/2" Cutter Adaptor


  • Cutter adaptor solution for using annular broaching cutters (19mm shank) in a hand drill with 1/2" chuck.

Cutting solutions for use with your adaptors

Turbo™️ Steel

Delivers increased cutting power, reduced resistance and enhanced tool life - more holes per cutter.

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Turbo™️ Tough

Designed and manufactured to the highest of standards, maximum cutting performance structural steel to Cast Iron.

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Turbo™️ Endurance

Unrivalled performance, extensive tool life and equipped for the most challenging materials

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Turbo™️ Endurance+

A super coated TCT cutter designed for the world toughest and most challenging materials

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Cutting Oils & Lubricants

Formulated to enhance cutter performance and extend tool life.

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