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Magnetic Brushes & Sweeper

The quick and easy way to keep your workplace clean after drilling.

  • Easy capture of swarf with a magnetised brush
  • Quick release of swarf
  • Ideal for workshops, site and on rail track ballast

A quick wave of the brush over the steel swarf and it is magnetised to the brush while you transport it to the deposal point. A simple pull of the handle releases the swarf in to the bin. Ideal for use in confined areas in workshops, site and on rail track ballast.

JEI Mag Brush Sweeper

Designed to collect all deposited steel chips, swarf and magnetic waste from the floor level.

  • Once the area has been swept, simply lift the Mag Brush sweeper over a bin & release the handle to deposit the waste.
  • Fitted with roller wheels and telescopic pole handle for ease of operation.
  • Width of magnetic collector 450 mm.
JEI Mag Brush Sweeper