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A Rugged Performer, designed for Intensive Drilling Applications

The MiniBeast™ has got a big brother. Designed to lessen the load on smaller magnetic drilling machines, to make sure heavier drilling applications which require larger holes can be completed in time and without machine overload.

  • 1600 W powerful motor with heavy duty 2 speed gearbox.
  • Self aligning slide rails for maintenance free operation.
  • Rigid casting designed to withstand downwards drilling force, prolonging the cutter life.
  • Large capacity coolant container, for more holes without re-fill.
  • Hidden motor cable - for added protection.
  • Machine includes: plastic carrying case, cooling system, 3 x spoke handles, safety strap, 4 mm T handle wrench and operator's manual.

Designed specifically for use with either TCT or HSS annular broaching cutters up to 65 mm diameter with a direct feed 19 mm (3/4") shank drive, to increase the stability of the cutting process, reduce run out and extend tooling life.



Weight 17 kg
Cutter Capacity 65mm Ø x 3" depth of cut
Twist Drill Capacity 12 mm with optional Turbo™ twist drills
Motor 1600 watts
Height Min/Max 420 / 511
Length 350 mm
Width 215 mm (with spoke handles)
RPM 2 Fixed Speed (loaded 160/390 RPM)
Magnetic Base Dimensions 180 mm x 90 mm
Magnet Deadlift (on 25mm plate) 1122 kg on 1" Plate (11000 N)
Noise Level < 100dB
Vibration Level < 2.5 m/s2
Voltage / Part Number 110 V - DRILL-MBD1
240 V - DRILL-MBD2
Shipping Weight 22 kg
Shipping Dimensions 680 mm x 460 mm x 170 mm

Maximise the performance of your MidiBeast™ with our Turbo™ Tough TCT Cutter Range

Our cutters and tools are designed to be long-lasting, withstanding vigorous usage without compromising on performance or precision.

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