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MagBeast® 5

The world’s largest capacity portable magnetic drilling and tapping machine, designed to solve the most challenging of applications

  • Commanding 2600 W, high torque motor. Delivers maximum power to produce up to 200 mm Ø holes.
  • Reversible with variable speed.
  • Ability to tap holes up to M52.
  • 435 mm of drill travel. Can be adapted for many special projects.
  • Optional single phase 110 V or 240 V operation. Can be used on any site environment.
  • Twin slide rails. Ensuring maintenance free operation and minimum hole tolerance.
  • Soft start motor switch.
  • Protects motor and tool during start up operation.
  • Overload and clutch control.
  • Cuts out motor under excessive load, protecting tool, gearbox and motor against incidental damage.

Designed to solve the most challenging of applications, the MagBeast® 5 offers a commanding 2600 W, high torque motor that delivers maximum power to produce an incredible 200mm cutting capacity.



Model MagBeast® 5MT
Spindle MT5
Arbor Bore 1-1/4”
Weight 53 kg
Max Stroke 300 mm
Cutter Capacity 200 mm Ø
Twist Drill Capacity 52 mm Ø
Countersink Capacity 110 mm Ø
Tapping Capacity M52
Reaming Capacity 52 mm Ø
Motor 2600 W
RPM 4 Variable Speeds (Torque control) 18-60 / 35 -120 / 75 - 240 / 140 - 455 RPM
Height min/max 730 / 965 mm
Length x Width 520 x 320 mm
Magnetic Base L x W 295 x 140 mm
Magnet Deadlift 2300 kg on 1” Plate (22500 N)
Noise Level < 90dB
Vibration Level < 2.5 m/s2
Voltage/ Part no 110 V – DRILL-MB5C/1 ~ 240 V – DRILL-MB5C/2
Shipping Weight 70 kg
Shipping Dimensions 790 x 490 x 240 mm

Optional Accessory - Ultra XL Pipe Attachment Kit for use with the MagBeast™ 5

NEW INNOVATION! Specially designed to adapt the largest of machines in JEI’s range, making it now possible to cut holes up to 200 mm diameter, or make threads up to M52 in pipes with the MagBeast5MT.

  • For use on pipes between 150 mm - 500 mm diameter as standard
  • Increase maximum diameter by 500 mm with two additional lengths of chain (two x part number JEICB-18)
  • Ideal for use with JEI models; MagBeast™ 5, HM140T, PRO132T & PRO112T
  • Suitable for large magnetic drilling machines with magnet base 150 mm Wide
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