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New MiniBeast™ Innovations Part Two - MiniBeast™ Thin for Drilling Heavy Painted Surfaces and Thin Plates

POSTED BY David McFadden / 16th April 2020

MiniBeast™ Thin - A magnetic drill capable of safely cutting thin materials and heavily painted materials from as little as 3 mm thickness

Over the last decade, the MiniBeast™ has become the most favored choice of the steel fabricator in the UK.

Whilst it is perfect for site drilling, with its customer driven features, here at JEI we wanted to enhance its capabilities to make it a more suitable fit for more applications.

By listening to our customers and end user comments, we realised that just one machine couldn't bridge this gap, so we've created a whole family of options to solve multiple hole making challenges.

Over a series of posts, we'll be talking about what's new in the Minibeast™ Family.

Part Two - MiniBeast Thin™

One particular challenge of the steel fabricator is using a magnetic drill on heavily painted plates. The layers of coating greatly reduce the magnetic clamping force of a conventional machine, causing the machine to breakaway from the surface, making the project almost impossible to finish on time, without the time costly process of grinding away the paint, or welding an additional plate onto the structure to attach the machine.

Action shot on thin plate1

To combat this application, JEI designed the MiniBeast™ Thin which incorporates a special magnetic base with extra holding coil design, to maintain a holding force through pre painted surfaces to the steel.

Furthermore, the MiniBeast™ Thin is particularly suitable for drilling plates as thin as 3 mm, whereas a normal magnetic drilling machine would break away from the surface at 8 mm.

The MiniBeast™ Thin incorporates all the standard characteristics of the MiniBeast™, including internal coolant system, hidden motor cable and self correcting motor slides, and is designed to cut holes up to 35 mm Diameter on a 19 mm (3/4") Shank, with annular cutters such as JEI's HSS type Turbo Steel or TCT Type Turbo Tough.