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A unique solution for Milling holes in steel, on site, or in the workplace

  • Horizonal Single axis feed, allowing 90mm of milling travel per operation. With patented slide rails to ensure minimal vibration and steady cut.
  • Weighs only 20kg. Making it portable and convenient to bring to the workpiece in any position.
  • Integrally fixed Milling collet chuck (size ER32). Conveniently accepts end mills between M3-M20 Ø.
  • Optional additional 19mm shank Annular broach cutter holder. Converts machine to a magnetic drill to cut round holes up to 40mm Ø.
  • Lockable downward motor slide. Fixes the milling tool to desired depth.

The Magslot™ 20X by JEI is a unique, cutting-edge, compact, and lightweight tool that allows you to easily create slots and elongate holes in steel. Weighing in at only 20kg means it is portable and can be taken to the workpiece, magnetised into position, and used quickly and efficiently to make light work of difficult tasks.



Weight 20 Kg
Motor Power Motor Power 1100 w
RPM 720 RPM (no load) 450 RPM (with load)
Milling chuck Type ER32
Endmill cutter range M3 - M20
Maximum horizontal (slot) feed in one pass 90mm
Maximum vertical Travel 190 mm
Maximum Core Cutter Capacity* (optional extra) 40 mm Ø
Magnetic Holding power 2500 kg on 1" Plate
Magnetic Base Dimensions L x W 215 mm x 118 mm
Machine Dimensions L x W 420 mm x 70 mm (including Spoke handles)
Vibration Level < 2.5 m/s2
Part no. 110v JEI-MAGSL/1
Part no. 240v JEI-MAGSL/2
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