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MagBeast® HM50

A durable, dependable heavy duty 2 morse taper drilling machine.

  • Heavy duty 1150 W motor – enables larger cutting capacity.
  • Weighs only 14 kg with a 50 mm cutter capacity – unrivalled weight to cutting capacity ratio.
  • 150mm total drill travel – facility to use extra-long cutters.
  • Maintenance friendly twin slide rails – no wearing parts and adjustment free operation.
  • Spoke handles can be fitted on left or right side for operator convenience (applies to all HM50 models).

Rely on the expert capabilities of the MagBeast® HM50. Featuring extra long drill travel, ideal for 100 mm long cutters, and a 50mm diameter cutting capacity.


Model HM50 HM50S (with Swivel Base)
Spindle MT2 MT2
Weight 14 kg 16.5 kg
Max Stroke 180 mm 200 mm
Cutter Capacity 50 mm Ø x 4” depth of cut 50 mm Ø x 4” depth of cut
Twist Drill Capacity 13 mm with 2MT Chuck / 23 mm with 2MT Twist Drill 13 mm with 2MT Chuck / 23 mm with 2MT Twist Drill
Countersink Capacity 40 mm 40 mm
Reaming Capacity 22 mm (19 mm shank) 22 mm (19 mm shank)
Motor 1150 W 1150 W
RPM No load 465/720 RPM Loaded 250/450 RPM No load 465/720 RPM Loaded 250/450 RPM
Swivel Base n/a 360 degree swivel base
Height min/max 380 / 560 mm 390 / 590 mm
Length x Width 280 x 170 mm 280 x 170 mm
Magnetic Base L x W 90 x 180 mm 90 x 180 mm
Magnet Deadlift 1250 kg on 1” Plate (12000 N) 1250 kg on 1” Plate (12000 N)
Noise Level < 90dB < 90dB
Vibration Level < 2.5 m/s2 < 2.5 m/s2
Voltage/ Part no 110 V - DRILL-HM50 / 240 V - DRILL-HM50/2 110 V - DRILL-HM50S / 240 V - DRILL-HM50/2S
Shipping Weight 18.15 kg 20.5 kg
Shipping Dimensions 490 x 380 x 200 mm 490 x 380 x 200 mm

Available with Full 360° swivel base - HM50S

Find Out More About the HM50S Swivel Based Model

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