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Presenting the World's Lowest Height Magnetic Drill for Access to all Areas

POSTED BY David McFadden / 2nd April 2020

The New Ultra Low Profile Magnetic Drill sets new heights in the construction industry

Ultra Low New Arrow1

How low can you go? Solving the challenges of steel constructions ever demanding requirements and applications is where we like to be. With an incredible fixed working height of only 150 mm, the MagBeast® ULTRA Low Profile magnetic drilling machine is designed to reach places that no other magdrill can.

Designed, built and manufactured in the UK, the Ultra Low Profile magdrill is driven with a powerful 1050 watt motor, capable of producing holes in steel up to 35 mm diameter, through steel plate up to 35 mm thick, using JEI's short series Turbo™ Steel HSS cutters or Turbo™ Tough TCT cutters.

Available from June 2020, this machine is a must have essential for every steel fabricator