Turbo Range

Turbo HEX BRIDGE Reamer

An ideal Site solution for when the bolt won't fit the hole.

Turbo HEX BRIDGE REAMER is designed specifically for use  with an Impact Drill, featuring a hexagonal head that fits straight into a the socket, on either a 1/2" or 3/4" drive.

This provides a quick, easy and efficient way of solving a common problem for the steel fabricator.


Part No Dia. 







JEIHR14 14mm 50mm 7mm 140mm 24mm
JEIHR18 18mm 58mm 9.5mm 165mm 24mm
JEIHR20 20mm 58mm 11mm 171mm 36mm
JEIHR22 22mm 65mm 13mm 171mm 36mm
JEIHR24 24mm 65mm 14.5mm 171mm 41mm
JEIHR26 26mm 60mm 16mm 171mm 41mm
JEIHR30 30mm 60mm 20.5mm 171mm 46mm
JEIHR32 32mm 63mm 22.5mm 171mm 46mm
JEIHR33 33mm 57mm 23.5mm 171mm 51mm
JEIHR36 36mm 57mm 26mm 200mm 46mm
JEIHR39 39mm 57mm 29mm 200mm 50mm



Turbo HEX BRIDGE Reamer

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