Turbo Range

Turbo Bridge Reamer

Designed for when the hole won't fit the bolt.

An ideal Solution for the steel erector, to enlargen and align pre drilled holes.

With a 19mm (3/4") Shank, Turbo Bridge Reamers are ideal to use with a Magnetic Drilling Machine*

Can also be mounted in an impact drill with either a 1/2" or 3/4" Drive, using JEI's Impact Socket Adaptor. Ideal when reaming vertically or upside down, to retain the reamer in the machine.


* An overall Stroke is required of a minimum 200mm for the Magnetic Drill.

Part No (Dia)







JEITBR14 14mm 52mm 7mm 140mm
JEITBR18 18mm 61mm 9.5mm 165mm
JEITBR20 20mm 62mm 11mm 178mm
JEITBR22 22mm 62mm 13mm 178mm
JEITBR24 24mm 63mm 15mm 178mm
JEITBR26 26mm 67mm 16mm 178mm
JEITBR28 28mm 67mm 18.5mm 178mm
JEITBR30 30mm 64mm 21mm 178mm
JEITBR32 32mm 64mm 22.5mm 178mm


Description Part No
Impact Socket Adaptor 19mm Shank to 3/4" Drive JEIHEXL
Impact Socket Adaptor 19mm Shank to 1/2" Drive JEIHEXS


Turbo Bridge Reamer

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