Turbo Range

Turbo Multi Layer Cutter

I.D. Form Annular Cutters

Designed for cutting through multiple layers of steel in one fast, clean operation.

Standard annular cutters are designed to cut only through one solid plate.

JEI Solutions have developed the ID Cutter form geometry, which allows cutting through multiple layers (stacks) of material, with the slugs being ejected together at the end of the cut.


This type of cutter style is also refered to as a Laminate or Stack Cutter form


  • Allows multiple layers of material to be cut in one fast, clean operation
  • Reduces tool breakages - no need to stop and start cutting the hole
  • Increases productivity - achieve the hole with one cut
  • ideal for removing existing bolts from old steel structures and bridge refurbishment
  • use on site work when needing to bolt together cross sections of steel
  • Available option can be applied to all types of Turbo annular cutters


To order, simply add the prefix code "ID" after the cutter part no.

For example, to order Turbo Steel, 22mm x 1" with I.D. form, use part no, JEICS22ID



Cutter Type Add prefix to Part no.
Turbo Steel ID
Turbo Tough ID
Turbo Endurance ID
Turbo Endurance Plus ID



JEI Solutions can tailor make Turbo Cutters for a diverse range of special drilling applications. Whatever your individual requirements please contact us for more information. Link to: [email protected]/* */


Turbo Multi Layer  Cutter

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