Metal Fabrication

ABM28 (Auto Feed)

A new generation auto feed machine with the ability to bevel steel on top, front and bottom edges.


  • Simple start up auto feed, which runs without the assistance of an operator.
  • Continuous adjustment bevel angles between 60° and -60°, eliminating the need to turn the plate over.
  • Maximum bevel width (depending on angle) from 28 up to 35mm.
  • Variable feed control for work on a variety of steel grades and thickness (up to 35mm as standard or optionally up to 70mm).
  • Bevelling in both travel directions.
  • Motor overload protection.
  • J-groove bevelling option available.
  • Optional extendable rails.

Package Includes:

  • Carriage mounted on a guide track.
  • Milling unit.
  • Milling unit support for bevelling at 60° to -60°.
  • Additional guide track section.
  • Track clamp for 10-35mm plates (3pcs).
  • Chip container.
  • Set of tools.
  • Clamp for 10-35mm thick plates (2pcs).
  • Wooden box.
  • Operators manual.

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Model ABM28
Motor 1600W
Spindle Speed (without load) 2780 RPM
Bevelling angle 60° to -60°
Maximum bevel width 35mm
Feed speed 250 - 500mm
Plate thickness Max 35mm (optional 36-70mm)
Length 1211mm
Width 619mm
Height 532mm
Weight (without milling head) 78.5kg
Voltage 220v / 50-60Hz


ABM28 (Auto Feed)

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