Metal Fabrication

BM21 Plate and Pipe Bevelling Machine

A new generation portable bevelling machine designed for bevelling both plate and pipes with ease and accuracy.


  • Single milling head equipped with 10 square inserts, simplifying the matching process.
  • Fast and easy exchange of insert with no special adjustments.
  • Adjustable bevel angle from 0 to 60 degrees.
  • Easy setting of bevel angle and width.
  • Vibration insulation providing added protection for both user and machine.
  • Automatic motor overload protection.
  • One universal guide plate for bevelling both plates and pipes which replaces 3 different attachments used with the BM20.


Model BM21
Motor 1.1kW
Maximum bevel width 21mm
Motor speed 2800 rpm
Angle range 0-60° with continuous angle adjustment
Tooling Intergrated milling head with 10 square adjustments
Weight 20kg
Voltage 110v or 220v / 50-60Hz

BM21 Plate and Pipe Bevelling Machine

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