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Roto-Star 3

Roto-Star 3 is the latest generation precision rotary benchtop welding positioner designed to tackle a wide range of welding projects from pipe fittings to tubes and chassis.

The Roto-Star 3-P has the same features and benefits of the Roto Star 3 except that it comes equipped with a 406mm (16" inch) surface plate.


  • Can weld parts in horizontal or vertical positions or in 15° increments from 0 - 90°.
  • Dual grounding system makes it ideal for both aluminium and stainless steel applications.
  • 203mm diameter three-jaw self-centering chuck accepts parts of virtually any length through its unique 63.5mm spindle opening.
  • State of the art motor controller allows variable spindle RPM and forward or reverse rotation.
  • Heavy duty motor runs on direct current and delivers smooth and accurate spindle rotation.
  • Can make positive starts and stops without coasting or backlash.
  • Standard start/stop foot pedal frees hands to concentrate on welding.
  • Jitter free movement.
  • 360° rotation enables continuous weld, minimising operator movement and repositioning of material.


Model Roto-Star 3 Roto-Star 3-P
Three-jaw chuck with reversable jaws 203mm (8") -
Swing @ 0° (maximum) 508mm (20") 508mm (20")
Vertical weight capacity 125kg 125kg
Horizontal weight capacity 75kg 75kg
Through spindle part capacity 63.5mm (2-½") -
Spindle rotation 360° 360°
Spindle speed 0 - 8 RPM 0 - 8 RPM
Angel adjustment* 0 - 90° 0 - 90°
Ground capacity 300A 300A
Optional rotary table 406mm (16") dia -
Fixed rotary table - 406mm (16") dia
Standard motor speed** 1 - 10 RPM 1 - 10 RPM
Shipping weight 45kg 32.5kg
Voltage 110v 0r 240v 110v 0r 240v

* Adjusts in 15° increments.

** Optional motors available from 2.9 - 30 RPM please contact JEI for more details.

Optional Accessories:

Part No' Item Description
RO570 Idler Roller Supports long stock for welding.
RO510 Adjustable Armrest Ensures steadiness and accuracy of every weld.
RO555 Purge Plug Enables machines to be filled with inert gas to the optimum level to maintain quality of welded stock and prevent colour alterations.
RO540A Variable Speed Foot Pedal with Control Box Provides hands free control of RPM speeds whilst welding.
RO505 406mm (16")Surface Plate For welding large or irregular shaped materials. Machined from solid aluminium each faceplate features reference rings for quick part positioning and tapped holes for secure clamping.

For a permanent surface plate without a three-jaw chuck see Roto-Star 3-P.


Roto-Star 3

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