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Designed for bevelling and facing pipes, tanks with a range from 200 to 1000mm diameter.


  • High speed rotary milling head with replaceable inserts, enabling bevel widths of up to 30mm.
  • Capable of internal bevelling and J-groove end preparation.
  • Heavy duty 10 000 kg capacity pipe support.
  • Quick, simple operation.
  • Stainless Steel Machining is now possible

Accessories and Optional Equipment:

  • Standard milling head.
  • Cutting inserts for bevelling (7 required).
  • Milling head for J-groove R6 or R8 end preparation.
  • Cutting inserts for J-groove R6 (6 required) or R8 (5 required) end preparation.


Model PMB-1000
Pipe Diameter Range

200-1000 mm for pipe longer than 830 mm

200-600 mm for pipe 400 - 830 mm diameter

Max. Pipe Weight 10 000 kg
Max. Pipe Length 12 Metres
Min. Pipe Thickness 5 mm
Pipe Fixing Mechanical with chain
Max. Feed Rate 100-1100 mm/min
Bevelling Angle 0-60° with continuous adjustment
Max. OD Bevel Width 45 mm
Max. ID Bevel Width 5mm Standard, up to 20mm (Option)
Bevel Type J Yes (optional)
J Type Bevelling Radius 6mm or 8mm
Voltage 3x208-230VAC 50/60Hz or
  1x208-230VAC 50/60Hz



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