Metal Fabrication


A portable, heavy duty performer, designed for bevelling steel plates prior to welding.


  • Strikingly easy to operate.
  • Fitted with two milling heads each holding six inserts - allowing smooth operation and exceptional efficiency.
  • One set of inserts can last up to 2000 meters of bevelled steel edge.
  • Output of approximately 1.5 meters/minute (depending on the amount of metal being removed).
  • State of the art electronic control module protecting the operator, the machine and the tooling.
  • BM20 is equipped with guide rolls, which make it easy and light to operate.

Package Includes:

  • Metal box 1pc
  • BM-20 Bevelling machine – ready to operate - 1pc; equipped with 2 milling heads fitted with 6 cutting inserts/each head
  • Tool box - 1pc
  • Allen wrenches hex s6 - 1pc
  • Allen wrenches hex s3 - 1pc
  • Milling head fastening tool - 1pc
  • Milling head interlock - 1pc
  • Milling head puller - 1pc
  • Locking screw - 6pcs
  • Operator's manual - 1pc

Optional Accessories/Equipment:

  • 0 degree angle bevelling set - for facing off material.
  • Attachment for bevelling pipe (over 160mm diameter).
  • Industrial grade carbide milling insert - premium performance for mild steel.
  • TINI coated milling insert - for stainless steel application.
  • General grade carbide milling insert - for mild steel application.


Model BM-20
Motor 1.1kW
Motor Speeds 2820 RPM
Maximum bevel width for 45 degree (b) 20mm
Maximum Cut per pass 10mm
Feed tbc
Average Cutting Speed 1.5mtrs per 1/min
Angle Range 15 – 60 °
Tooling 2 Milling Heads, each fitted with6 removable carbide insert tools
Weight 20 kg
Voltage 110v/ AC/ 60Hz



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