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Turbo Endurance + Cutter

The Turbo Endurance+ cutters have been designed and developed to tackle the world's toughest materials. The super tough coating provides increased surface hardness, a friction free cutting face and better heat transfer at the surface. These great benefits allow the Turbo Endurance+ cutter to tackle Hardox, Weldox, Abro, Armour Plate and Duplex as if it was mild steel. With fantastic tool life, the Turbo Endurance+ cutter saves time and money for the user on every occasion.

For a full list of JEI Turbo Endurance+ part numbers, click here.

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Turbo Endurance+ (Super Coated) - At A Glance
Size Range 12mm - 200mm
Cutting Depths 1", 2", 3", 4", 6"
Max. Tensile Strength <1600RM (N/mm2)
Ideal for The toughest materials


Turbo Endurance + Cutter

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