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Turbo Steel HSS cutter

Turbo Steel is a high quality fully CNC ground cutter. Unlike other brand M2 Cutters, Turbo Steel is manufactured from M2AL material, resulting in increased cutting edge hardness of 66.6-67.5 ROC, with the ability to drill material up to 900N/mm2.

Turbo Steel Advantages

  • Increased tool life - more holes per cutter
  • Reduced tool wear - produces a quality burr free hole
  • Unique Cutting Edge Profile - Increased stability of cut

In tests our Turbo annual broaching cutters proved to be the most cost effective available to the market today.

For a full list of JEI Turbo Steel part numbers, click here.

Need to cut through multiple layers of material?, click here to see Turbo Multi Layer I.D. Option


Turbo Steel (M2AL) - At A Glance
Size Range 10.5mm - 115mm Ø
Cutting Depths 1", 2", 3", 4", 6"
Max. Tensile Strength <900 (N/mm2)
Ideal for Most mild and structural steel



Turbo Steel HSS cutter

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