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JEI's range of Countersinks provide the ability to precision chamfer holes using a magnetic drilling machine, supplied on a standard 19mm shank.

Part Number Description Application
CSK-25 Turbo Steel M2 Countersink, 25mm 90 degree Mild Steel
CSK-40 Turbo Steel M2 Countersink, 40mm, 90 degree Mild Steel
CSK-50 Turbo Steel M2 Countersink, 50mm, 90 degree Mild Steel
CSK-55 Turbo Steel M2 Countersink, 55mm, 90 degree Mild Steel
TCSK-50 Turbo Tough TCT Countersink, 50mm, 90 degree Stainless Steel
TCSK-60 Turbo Tough TCT Countersink, 60mm, 90 degree Stainless Steel
ETCSK-50 Turbo Endurance+ Countersink, Extra Tough 50mm 90 degree Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Hardox,
ETCSK-60 Turbo Endurance+ Counterink, Extra Tough 60mm, 90 degree Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, hardox

N.B. JEI recommends a slow operating speed for countersinking tasks.


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