Accessory Solutions

Chuck and Adaptor Kits

Easily converts JEI Magnetic Drilling Machines to accept twist drills.

Part Number Description
JEICA-13MM Chuck & adaptor 13mm (HM40)
JEICA-13MM/19 Chuck 13mm, complete with 19mm shank (all JEI drills except MiniBeast*)
JEICA-2MT Chuck & adaptor 13mm, 2MT (MagBeast 2)
JEICA-3MT Chuck & adaptor 19mm, 3MT (HM100, Max-3, Max-4 and MagBeast 4)
JEIMTS-2-3 Morse tape sleeve 2-3 (HM100)
JEIMTS-3-4 Morse taper sleeve 3-4 (MagBeast 4)
JEIMTS-4-5 Morse taper sleeve 4-5 (MagBeast 5)

* For MiniBeast please refer to Twist Drill Sets.

N.B. 3-4 sleeve required to suit MagBeast 4

Chuck and Adaptor Kits

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