Accessory Solutions

Pipe Attachment Kit

A Handy solution to use your JEI Magnetic Drilling Machine to cut holes in pipe and tube sections.

Features a chain clamping system to position the machine in drilling location.

Can also be used with other manufacturers machines, please refer to the brochure for full size specifications

4 versions available, with a minmum pipe diameter from 80mm


          Part Number                                                          Machine to Suit                                                     
JEICB-S (Chain Base Small) Minibeast, HM40*
JEICB-M (Chain Base Medium) HM50, HM50T*
JEICB-L (Chain Base Large) MagBeast 4**
JEICB-XL (Chain Base extra large) HM100, HM100T**

Extra Chain

To increase diameter of pipe capability.

* 1 x length required for JEICB-S and JEICB-M

** 2 x length required for JEICB-L and JEICB-XL

       Part Number                     Chain Length/ Extra Diameter      
JEICB-18 1700mm / 500mm


Pipe Attachment Kit

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