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The Job

To Remove Rivets in an old bridge structure, and replace with strengthening Bolts. Required to drill in an upside down position, through 3 layers of steel, encrusted together with rust.

The challenge

To work in a height restrictive area.  There was no possibility to clamp directly to the material, as it was an uneven surface.

The Solution

A steel plate (20mm Thick) was clamped to the structure, using JEI’s Steel Structural Clamps, with space blocks to get an even surface.

The Magforce Drilling machine was utilised on this project, along with a 50mm Arbor Extension, to gain a closer contact to the structure. The Cutter used was a 33mm Diameter JEI TURBO TOUGH TCT Cutter, with a special ID/Laminate form, which allowed the 3 layers to be drilled through in 1 operation, which removed the existing Rivet and the surrounding material.  Slugger Cutting Paste was applied to the cutter to ensure cooling was provided, resulting in extending the cutter life to complete the project.

Why the Magforce?

The customer had tried other brands of machines, but could not get the required magnetic adhesion and stability, which resulted in expensive downtime and broken cutting tools.

JEI provided the solution to the job, with the Magforce being an ideal tool, due to its compact size, power and cylindrical feed which ensured stability to drilling under tough circumstances. JEI expertise also recommended the correct cutting tool and accessories to complete the job with minimum disruption.

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