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Can I use Turbo Cutters in other manufactures machines?

Yes, you can use Turbo Cutters in other makes of magnetic drills as long as they have the standard 3/4" Weldon 2 grub screw arbor (JEI also offer a quick release range of cutters on request).

How often do I service my MagBeast machine?

To ensure optimum performance, JEI recommend you should check your machine at least every three months or after periods of heavy use. It is advisable to clean your machine after use making sure all vents are free from debris or blockage. The key components to check are, carbon brush wear, slide wear or movement and arbor bearing (if applicable).

Can I drill overlapping holes with Turbo Cutters?

Yes, you can drill half holes with Turbo Cutters allowing you to elongate holes. Place the cutter half over the existing hole and gently lower the cutter to the material surface. Feed the cutter in slowly until you have an established cutting track as you are only operating on half the cutting teeth.

Can i drill through multiple layers with an annular cutter?

Yes, this is possible with JEI's ID Stack Drilling Geometry, which can be applied to all types of JEI's Cutters.

What coolant can I use when drilling overhead or near sensitive environmental areas?

Use JEI's Endurance Plus Spray to coat the cutting tool or area being drilled. As the spray touches the surface it solidifies to contain the coolant in the target area.

What oil do I use in my coolant bottle?

For the best drilling performance and extended tool life use JEI MagBeast neat cutting oil. JEI MagBeast soluble cutting oil is also an excellent cost effect option.

Why do I use a pilot pin in the cutter?

The pilot pin is designed to be central to the cutting tool allowing you to centre the cutter easily on the centre pop or marking. The pilot also performs the task of ejecting the slug after completion of the hole.